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Stronger Pollen and Allergy Seasons Are Predicted Worldwide

By Holly
May 7, 2018

Recently, allergists have been warning their patients about the allergy season that lays ahead of them. This 2018 allergy season is predicted to be longer and more severe than allergies seasons in the past. However, this intense allergy season isn’t just limited to the United States, but across the globe. Year Round Florida Allergies Typically, ... read more

Florida Center for Voice & Swallowing Recognizes World Voice Day

By gabriella.czerw
April 16, 2018

TAMPA, Fla. – April 13, 2018 – What would your world be like if you lost the ability to communicate with your voice? The voice has enormous value to each of us, providing a unique ability for us to interact with those around us every day. For some, like singers, news anchors, actors, teachers, call ... read more

Expect A Rough 2018 Allergy Season

By Holly
April 9, 2018

If you thought 2017’s allergy season was a tough, then you may want to prepare yourselves because researchers are certain that 2018 is going to be an even worse allergy season. As the winter flu season comes to an end, we are soon entering into spring’s allergy season, filled with plenty of sneezing and red, ... read more

Florida E.N.T. & Allergy Recognizes National Sleep Awareness Week

By kenneth.pasley
March 20, 2018

TAMPA, Fla. – March 14, 2018 – Florida E.N.T. & Allergy will celebrate National Sleep Awareness Week during the week of March 11 through March 17 to increase public education and awareness regarding the importance of sleep... Read More    

How To Differentiate A Headache From a Migraine

By Holly
January 9, 2018

There are close to 40 million adults in the U.S who suffer from occasional headaches. However, what many people may think is a regular can actually be a migraine. Being the third most common illness globally, the terms ‘headache’ and ‘migraine’ often get interchanged without much thought. Distinguishing between the two can be tricky as ... read more

Too​ ​Many​ ​Sinus​ ​Infection​ ​Patients​ ​Are​ ​Prescribed​ ​Unnecessary​ ​and​ ​Potentially Dangerous​ ​Antibiotics

By editor
December 1, 2017

TAMPA,​ ​Fla.​ ​–Nov.​ ​16,​ ​2017​ ​–​ ​A​ ​new​ ​report​ ​from​ ​the​ ​Centers​ ​for​ ​Disease​ ​Control​ ​and Prevention​ ​shows​ ​that​ ​thousands​ ​of​ ​Americans​ ​are​ ​taking​ ​antibiotics​ ​that​ ​are unnecessary​ ​and​ ​potentially​ ​harmful.​.. Read More